Project Pizza Drawings

Project Pizza Drawings

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Help Project Pizza raise money for hunger relief! 100% of proceeds go to support Food Forward and their fight against hunger and food waste.

A “slice” gets you one random Project Pizza food-themed drawing from one of the amazing artists participating in our draw-a-thon.

A “whole pie” gets you 10 random drawings. Lotsa love!

A “party pack” is 30 random drawings. Plenty to share with everyone!

(All drawings are around 4” X 6”.) 

Draw-a-thon artists: Jeff Zugale (@jeffzugale), Jason Porath (@jasonporath), Rosie Marx & Co. (@rosiemarx), Nilah Magruder (@nillafle), Shing Yin Khor (@sawdustbear), Eron Rauch (@eron_rauch), Betsy Streeter, Kai (@kaidoesstuff), John Hogan (@thejohnhogan), Shannon Saar (@frostyplum), and more!

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