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Tradition & Future Combined

I take on a select number of archival inkjet printing projects for clients each year. Whether you're putting together a gallery show, a portfolio, limited edition reproductions of your art, or need a consultant for building your own digital printing studio, contact me at with info about your project for a quote. 

Even if you have other printing projects such as making editions of your band's album art, prints from an historical archive, or want a beautiful boxed set of weird cellphone photos from a trip abroad as a gift for a friend, send me an email. As long as its unique or interesting, I always want to be involved.

My Printing Background

Over the past two decades as an artist, I've used all facets of inkjet printing in my work. A big part of my love of physical prints comes from the traditional chemical darkroom. During my studies I was able to train with brilliant photographic printmakers who produced work for luminaries ranging from Robert Mapplethorpe to Thomas Struth. At the same time, I also came to appreciate those exquisite duotone Japanese photography books from the Provoke era in the 1960s and 70s exploded the boundaries of what photographic prints could look like.

Having spent extensive time mastering traditional processes like large format gelatin silver, C41, and platinum/palladium printing, my interest in digital technology led me dive headfirst into archival inkjet printing during its early years. At the same time I've been able to explore all aspects of professional digital imaging through my work building digital darkrooms for multiple college facilities, as well as training both staff and students on the full workflow of imaging hardware, software, and techniques, including seamless integration with the traditional chemical darkroom.