Open Call: The Hall of Fallen Empires

Open Call: The Hall of Fallen Empires


Open Call:
The Hall of Fallen Empires

Empires rise and inevitably fall. Such is the course of history even at the edge of a supernova. But in the face of the insistent present, overflowing with social media, 24/7 news, and hyper-globalized communications technologies, we seem to only live from one fractional moment to the next. Artist Eron Rauch, alongside Orenda Records, invites you to step out of the torrent of the now and spend a moment pondering deep time. 

For The Hall of Fallen Empires artists are invited to submit a flag for an imaginary, now fallen, interstellar empire. Perhaps this empire existed millions years in the future, or fell billions of years in the past. Maybe it only existed for a few months before it crumbled, or it lasted for ten of thousands of years. Perhaps the empire was on an Earth-like planet near Alpha Centauri AB, or it spanned an entire supercluster at the edges of the known universe. Contributing artists should feel free to interpret the framework and incorporate research for the project as broadly as they would like.       

Physical details:

The works will be installed together hanging down from the ceiling of the project space. All mediums welcome. Maximum size is five feet on the long side. No minimum size (though any smaller than two feet might be difficult to see). Generally, larger is better. But who knows, maybe your empire is made up of very very small creatures. Or maybe the only remaining visual of the flag is a battlefield sketch. Artists may submit as many flags as they wish, but please submit only one submission per fallen interstellar empire. 


Deadline: January 24, 2017
Show Date: January 29, 2017
Location: blue whale, Los Angeles, CA

This installation is part of the Orenda Records 3rd Anniversary Show, which will feature a host of experimental musicians, including DR. MiNT and Snow Nerds. 


For each submission, please include:

Artist Name:
Empire Name:
Years Active:
Additional Information (optional):

Please indicate if you wish your flag returned. Ideally, it would be great to keep as many flags as possible, since I envision this as an archive project that would grow with each new iteration. 

For questions, to set up pickup or drop-off times, or to get a mailing address, please contact: