Eron Rauch is a wanderer in, and documenter of, the shadowy periphery of the media-saturated landscape of the 21st century. Starting as a DIY zine maker, admittedly terrible experimental musician/DJ, and fan of all things geeky, his conflicted and often troubling experiences with fandom, image culture, digital spaces, art history, and suburbia have become the source material for his art.

At the core, Eron's projects set out to create bridges between high and low cultural geographies that might seem far apart at first glance, but which turn out to share an entangled borderlands. One of the reoccurring connections he makes is between the deep-rooted traditions of the fine art world and the omnipresent churn of contemporary media fandom. This bridge work uses a self-reflexive mix of photography, collage, digital imaging, installation, and presentation in non-traditional venues. Alongside visual art, Eron regularly produces essays which explore additional facets of his subject matter. By placing balkanized cultural spaces back in context with each other, his art provides a platform to reflect on their otherwise hidden assumptions, follies, peculiarities, wonders, and possibilities.

Fusing autobiography and the broad sweep of cultural history, Eron's projects reveal hidden connections and create new contexts for the ways we interact with our daily landscapes, both physical and digital.

Currently based in Los Angeles, he received his M.F.A. in Photography and Media from the California Institute of the Arts and his B.F.A. from Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Amongst showing at galleries and curating art projects, Eron is a regular essayist on the intersection of art and video games for the websites ZAM in America and Video Game Tourism in Austria. His love for music continues as Creative Director for Orenda Records, Daniel Rosenboom's genre-defying label. He is still, on occasion, a terrible DJ.


eronrauch (at) gmail (dot) com




Orenda Records

Video Game Tourism


"We never look at just one thing; we are always looking at the relation between things and ourselves."
- John Berger


The Hall of Fallen Empires, Blue Whale, Los Angeles, CA

A Haunting of Architecture, Compound, Culver City, CA
Bad Fan Museum, Aoyama Gakuin University, Tokyo, Japan
Apartment Homes Fake Book, Curve Line Space, Eagle Rock, CA

Valhalla Nocturne, Automata, Los Angeles, CA
Resonant Structures (Group Show), Blue Whale, Los Angeles, CA

The Fold And It’s Echo, Minneapolis College Of Art and Design, MN
Try To Forget (Group Show), Glitter Death, Hollywood, CA
Apartment Homes, Almost Holden Collective, Santa Monica, CA
The Neo-Japonisme Project, Scoops Westside, Los Angeles, CA
Apartment Homes, Blue Whale, Los Angeles, CA

Carrier Pigeon (Group Show), Gallery Lara, Tokyo, Japan
Seeds Erupted (With Creative Underground Los Angeles, Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, CA
Apartment Homes, Blue Whale, Los Angeles, CA
Equinox Music (With CULA) Blue Whale, Los Angeles, CA
Garage Artists (group show), The Garage, Los Angeles, CA
Art Is The Devil (group show), Blue Whale, Los Angeles, CA
Japonsime, Scoops Westside, Los Angeles, CA
Apartment Homes Fake Book, Towne, Los Angeles, CA

Apartment Homes Fake Book, Blue Whale, Los Angeles, CA
Art + Soul (group show), Nu-Soul Mezz Gallery, Los Angeles, CA 

An Unconventional History (group show), MCAD Main Gallery, Minneapolis, MN
James Philip Ribiat-Finley Arts Endowment Fundraiser (group show), Sancho Gallery, Echo Park, CA
We Heart Japan (group show), Meltdown, Hollywood, CA

You Shall Know Me By My Works, Jazz Tonic, Los Angeles, CA
Wasteland (group show), Renee's Courtyard, Santa Monica, CA 

Tribute to Kinji Akagawa (group show), MCAD Main Gallery, Minneapolis, MN
Fantasy, Renee's Cafe, Santa Monica, CA

A Land to Die In, Art Mecho Museum (cur. Christopher Bolton), Second Life (Williams College)
Future In Focus (group show), Santa Monica, CA
Leveling, eastside studios gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Arcana, eastside studios gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Greater L.A. M.F.A. (juried show), CSU Long Beach, CA
Supersonic (group show), Barnsdall Art Park, Los Angeles, CA
Collisions & Pileups (group show), Armory NW Pasadena, CA
Fantasy, CalArts, Valencia, CA
Spring Showcase (group show), Dragon’s Den, Rockford, IL
Land To Die In, eastside studios gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Travels: A Photographic Landscape Show, CalArts, Valencia, CA
Winter Showcase (group show), Dragon’s Den, Rockford, IL
Greater L.A. MFA (group show), Cal State Long Beach, CA
Los Angeles County Art (group show), Los Angeles, CA
Our Love Will Change the World (group show), Rosemont, IL
Sweet Substitute (group show), Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA



"Civilization Outside of Stasis" (Video Game Tourism)
"Global Game, Global Life" (ZAM)
"Sin,  Apocalypse, Cash" (Video Game Tourism)
"How To Break Up With a Video Game" (ZAM)
“Virtual Light: Exploring In-Game Photography and Photo History” (Kill Screen)
“Workified Games” (Video Game Tourism)
"Morgan Romine: The History of Women In Esports" (ZAM)
"Apartment Homes Fake Book" (Orenda Records)
“Breakfast Killer C’est Que C’est” (Via Publication)
“Street Dogs” (Via Publication)
"The Legacy of Geeks, Bros, and Filthy Casuals" (ZAM) 
"The Rules Change Entirely: Jason Bender and the Future of Mobile Games" (ZAM)
"The Next Century: A Few Thoughts on the Future of Esports" (ZAM)
“Hybrid Light: Thoughts on the Future of Virtual Photography” (Video Game Tourism)
“One Returning” (Video Game Tourism)
“The Sun is Star - IndieCade 2014” (Video Game Tourism)
“The Grand Spectacle - Demystifying eSports” (Video Game Tourism)
"Snow Land" (Video Game Tourism)
"Night" (Lenscratch)
"Dwarf Fortress NYC" (Video Game Tourism)
"Apartment Homes" (New Landscape Photography)
"Curio: On Sequencing" (Photography Daily)
"Bash: The Controversial Role of Chance in Esports" (ZAM)
"Cosplay Photography," w/Christopher Bolton; Mechademia Vol. 5 (University of Minnesota Press)
"Art Is The Devil" with John Skipp and NoiseBoom (Creative Underground Los Angeles Online)
"Flaneur" (Unit D Online, Santa Fe, NM)
"Burn In Hell" video w/ Dorian Wood, Brian Walsh, Karina Kallas, Trevor Andres (CULA Online)
"Japonisme/Umoreta" with Brian Walsh (CULA Online)
"Flâneur" Portfolio collaboration with GuyJean (Arava Review)
"Windworks 4" (Blood Lotus)
"Bridges of Desire" Shojou Beat, Vol. 4, Issue 2 (Viz Media)
"Bridges of Desire" Mechademia Vol. 2 (University of Minnesota Press)



"Warum Computerspiele immer mehr wie Arbeit werden" (Der Standard)
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"Try To Forget" (We Open Art Houses)
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“A Land To Die In” Interview (Indie Game Magazine)
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“Workified Games” Interview (Deutschlandradio Kultur)
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"Museum" (SFMOMA On-The-Go)
"Herb Alpert School Of Music Class Notes Summer 2013" (CalArts) 
"Whoops" (All About Jazz)
"This Week In Video Game Criticism" (Gamasutra)
Weekly Roundup featured "Virtual Light" (Rock, Paper Shotgun)
Best of 2015, “The Grand Spectacle - Demystifying eSports“ (Critical Distance)
Best of 2014, “Impressionism Indie Games and Artistic Revolution” (Critical Distance)
Best of 2013, "Virtual Light" (Critical Distance)
"Daniel Rosenboom Quintet" (With My Own Two Hands)
"Apartment Homes" / "Tuesday Links" (Art Fag City)
"Virtual Creation, Simulated Destruction, and Manufactured Memory" echademia Vol. 4 (University of Minnesota Press)
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"Vision and Visitor are Both Virtual…," (works from Land To Die In / ACLA Conference at Harvard University)
"Bosozoku at Royal/T" (Defective Geeks) 
"Cosplay, Spectacle, and Spectatorship" (Costume & Culture)
"American Gothic Lolita," (Kamikaze Girls) 
"Bridges of of Desire" Interview (i360 Media)


Bad Fan Museum, Aoyama Gakuin Uiversity, Tokyo Japan
"Genre-Deviant" Panel Discussion, Friends of CalArts, Malibu CA
Guest Artist Critique, Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles CA
Guest Artist Critique, Chaffey College, Rancho Cucamonga CA
Bridges of Desire Lecture, MCAD, MN
The Future of Anime and Art, Panel Discussion, MCAD, MN


Resonant Structures - The Art of Orenda Records, Blue Whale, Los Angeles CA
Nora Quinn - Glitter World, Scoops Westside, Los Angeles CA
Public Secrets /Secret Publics, Blue Whale, Los Angeles, CA
Fleeting Projects (Monthly Installation Showcase 2008 - 2010) Renee's Courtyard, Santa Monica CA
Empty Space, Issues #1-11