Travels: A Photographic Landscape Show is a series of screenshot photographs of landscapes that are printed in traditional platinum and gelatin silver processes intermixed with digital inkjet prints. These images were made during my adventures in the frontiers of World of Warcraft, much like the landscapes of Timothy O'Sullivan or William Henry Jackson who photographically explored the American West in the later decades of the 1800s. But unlike the vision of Westward expansion overlaid on the landscape by these historical photographers, the language used by the landscape of WoW is built 150 years later from these Imperialist, Orientalist and Romantic art historical forms in which the landscape is portrayed as a place to inevitably venture forth in search of fame, novelty, and wealth. This project also explores the discourse around and evolution of "fine art photography", looking at the ways that tropes and aesthetic language indicate beauty and mastery. This show is typically installed outdoors at night amongst trees, lit only by candles.