The Hall of Fallen Empires is a collaborative group show in the form of a fake museum display of the flags of defunct interstellar empires. Perhaps this empire existed millions years in the future, or fell billions of years in the past. Maybe it only existed for a few months before it crumbled, or it lasted for ten of thousands of years. Perhaps the empire was on an Earth-like planet near Alpha Centauri AB, or it spanned an entire supercluster at the edges of the known universe. Contributing artists were encouraged to freely interpret the framework and incorporate research for the project as broadly as they would like. Empires rise and inevitably fall. Such is the course of history even at the edge of a supernova. But in the face of the insistent present, overflowing with social media, 24/7 news, and hyper-globalized communications technologies, we seem to only live from one fractional moment to the next. The Hall of Fallen Empires invites viewers to step out of the torrent of the now and spend a moment pondering deep time.