Glitchescapes are large scale digital photographic prints made from the innumerable glitches that randomly occur in complex 3-D rendered video games such as World of Warcraft. The punctuating moment of the glitch, owing to its sudden shattering of the facade of immersive realism, can be more awe-inspiring or humorous than the most spectacular magic spell or wittiest dialogue. The images call attention to the fact that realism in computer games is primarily made from complex permutations of polygons. One of the long-running tactics of avant guard art has been to use geometric fracturing and abstracting in images to express new realities. By photographing these moments of fracture, I was contemplating both the amazingly intricate (and delicate) systems on which digital reality’s facade is hung, but also as reminder the intense amounts of labor and creativity that are used to construct the programming and geometry that produce video game's whimsical forms.